CNC Press Brake Machine

CNC Press Brake Machine

At Rajesh Group we are manufacturing CNC Press Brake Machines. Our Press Brake Machines are CNC control operated. These CNC Press Brake Machines are highly accurate and easy to operate and as well as easy to maintain and long lasting.

Our CNC Press Brake Machines are high quality with highly accurate in operations. These Press Brake Machines are far more advanced than regular Sheet Metal Bending Machines.

Sheet Metal Bending Machines Adjustment


Sheet Metal Bending Machines Motor


Sheet Metal Bending Machines V Groove

V Groove

Sheet Metal Bending Machines Bending Adjustment

Bending Adjustment

Sheet Metal Bending Machines Electric Panel

Electric Panel

Standard Equipment

  • Industrial control Cybelec/Delem
  • Y1, Y2 independent hydraulic cylinders, proportional valve technology
  • Extra welded-steel side frames
  • Single-axis back gauge system X
  • Mechanical upper tool clamping
  • Mechanical lower tool clamping
  • Efficient, low-noise and accurate hydraulic system Bosch Rexroth
  • Beam movement on two double roller bearings on each side
  • Strong and stable construction
  • Throat Depth: 400mm
  • Daylight: 430mm
  • Stroke: 250mm
  • Safety system using photocells
  • Bending length: 2600mm/3100mm/4100mm
  • Usable space between frames: 2050mm/2550mm/3550mm