Sheet Metal Cutting and Sheet Metal Bending Machines

RAJESH GROUP is leading manufacturer of high quality Sheet Metal Cutting Machines and Sheet Metal Bending Machines for various industrial use. Our Sheet metal cutting and Sheet Metal Bending machines stands for excellent quality, highly efficient and outstanding results.

We are manufacturing various types of Sheet Metal Machines for various industrial use, like Shearing Machines, Sheet Metal Cutting Machines, Press Brake Machines, Plate Rolling Machines and Plate Bending Machines etc.

We use various types of systems to operate machines for various types of industrial uses like Hydraulic Machines, NC Control Machines, CNC Control Machines, CNC Synchro Machines and Guillotine Machines.

Our high quality product range includes NC Hydraulic Shearing Machine, CNC Press Brake Machine, NC Front Cylinder Press Brake Machine, Hydraulic Press Brake Machine and Hydraulic Plate Rolling Machine.

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