NC Hydraulic Shearing Machine

NC Hydraulic Shearing Machine

Our range of Sheet Metal Machine includes NC Hydraulic Shearing machine. This NC Hydraulic Shearing machine is one of the best Shearing Machine in its class. NC Hydraulic Shearing machine is operated by Numeric Control System hence it is very accurate and easy to operate.

This NC Hydraulic Shearing machine is more advanced than conventional Sheet Metal Cutting Machines. Our NC Hydraulic Shearing Machines are easy to operate, easy to maintain and high accurate.

We manufacture our Sheet Metal Shearing Machines under strict quality control program, hence we can ensures our customer that our each and every shearing machines delivered with guaranteed quality and satisfaction.

Sheet Metal Cutting Machine Digital touch display controller

Digital touch display controller with multi step backgauge and auto angle adjustment

Sheet Metal Cutting Machine Hydraulic system

Bosch Roxroth / Yuken Hydraulic system

Sheet Metal Cutting Machine Rapid Blade clearance adjustment

Rapid Blade clerance adjustment

Sheet Metal Cutting Machine Robust and accurate backguage fitting

Robust and accurate backguage fitting

Sheet Metal Cutting Machine Electrical panel

Electrical panel in-house make

Standard Equipment

  • Guillotine type hydraulically variable rake angle design
  • Rake angle can be adjusted according to material thickness
  • Automatic adjustment of shearing clamping force for various job
  • Front sheet support arm length: 600mm
  • 100mm long table mounted squaring arm
  • Ram guided by 8 hardened & grounded guide rollers
  • Moving beam synchronized by differential cylinder
  • Side levers for quick & easy adjustment of blade gap to ensure clean cuts
  • Sheet clamped hydraulically before cut starts
  • Movable foot-switch to perform operation from safe position
  • Efficient compact design of power pack with minium piping system
  • All electrical & hydraulic component from reputed make
  • Both blades are made up of premium HCHCR material with all 4 usable edges
  • Backguage movement by lead screw
  • Heavy duty sheet backguage stopper

Optional Equipment

  • Digital display controller
  • 7.5" inch touch screen display
  • NC backgauge with ball screw
  • Automatic programming system
  • Front side safety curtains
  • Material handling system
  • High speed AC servo driven backgauge
  • Automatic rear stacking system
  • Suitable for up gradation with special optional features
  • Transfer ball type front table